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For those of you who haven’t yet heard our terrible news, Paul Sulek, our chef and owner, has died. He suffered cardiac arrest at the end of January, 2018 while out to dinner in Ann Arbor with his wife, Peg. He spent most of February at U-M Hospital, received a Total Artificial Heart and, at that time, all of our hopes were for Paul to become a transplant recipient. In mid-February DISH’s closure seemed imminent, as it looked like Paul and Peg would become Ann Arborites for quite some time. To our utter heartbreak, Paul died on February 23rd.

Since then his wife and business partner, Peg, has started working with DISH staff to secure a plan to reopen at some point this spring. Rent continues to be paid on our Mack Avenue storefront as she grieves the loss of her husband of 26 years. We will update here as concrete plans develop and/or ‘like’ our Facebook page for updates and information. Thank you for your support over the past 20 years, we look forward to our next leg of the DISH journey with great sadness, but also with great hope. Transcribed below are the two most recent Facebook posts, to explain a bit better.



24 February, 2018 via Facebook (from Peg):

It is my sad duty to report that Paul died yesterday.

When Paul arrived at U-M nearly four weeks ago he was in grave condition. Hospital staff worked valiantly and tirelessly to sustain him and heal him and Paul fought so, so hard—he is the toughest guy there ever was. Yesterday it became clear that his body had simply reached it's limits.

I never knew that it was possible to feel such sadness. I've lost my only love, my entire heart, the boy I've loved since age 16. All of you who knew him well have been robbed. Those of you who didn't know him well have been doubly robbed.

I will spend the next few days grieving and gathering. I will post obit and service details once they've been planned. I'm grateful for the overwhelming support to Paul and me over this past month. When I said Paul had 'legions' behind him I thought I was being hyperbolic—as it turns out, it's the most sound assessment I've ever made.

15 March, 2018 via Facebook (from Peg):

Hi, everyone, Peg here. I just wanted to write a note to let you all know that it ain’t over. DISH is officially on hiatus but is not permanently closed. I have some thoughts, some ideas and some definite plans. It will be a different world—and for sure a different DISH—without Paul but I feel strongly that it will go on, in some incarnation. Remember that I opened DISH in 1998, a concept all my own, and ran it without Paul for five years. Paul came on board and made it extraordinary and successful, but I’ve earned my chops.

We closed the doors in February in the midst of Paul’s health crisis after a previously unknown birth defect of his heart made itself known. At the time, I had every expectation that Paul would be a transplant recipient and would likely live in Ann Arbor for a year. It has been excruciatingly painful since his death on February 23rd. I will continue to pay rent on our Mack Avenue building while I grieve the loss of my first and only love, my husband of 26 years, my business partner. At some point this spring I will have a clear plan and I will keep you posted.

Many people—attorneys, family, well-intentioned folks—have cautioned me that the longer I take to grieve and reopen, the less support I’ll have from my community. None of them are from around here! I explain it to them like this: “Our little East Side Detroit neighborhood (Cornerstone Village, East English Village and MorningSide) and the Grosse Pointes are a heavily populated, tight-knit community with a great many residents who solidly support us. We have tremendous esteem from our patrons. I have no doubt that DISH will be supported, even if I take until June. It’s literally Mayberry over here on the East Side!” They think I’m nuts, I know I’m not! When DISH first opened twenty years ago, with a home equity loan Paul and I took, people thought we were nuts.

Here’s all I need from you: 1).Time and patience as I navigate profound grief and life without Paul. 2).Encouragement, ideas, thoughts, help or well-wishes on Facebook or via email or mail-mail. 3).Don’t forget about DISH and please support us when we get the band back together in some form (DISH staffers hither and yon want back in)! I’ve had such lovely messages from many of you already and, while nothing can make any of this okay, your kindnesses do my broken heart some good. Thanks, all.

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